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An Act of A Godly Man!

Capponi believes the restoration of Jacmel could provide a new sustainable development model for Haiti, largely independent of the major international government-funded agencies, oft criticized for waste and inefficiency.

Instead, the idea behind the Jacmel redevelopment is more about encouraging social tourism, or ‘voluntourism,’ where investors seek to promote the local culture as well as the beaches. “We’re here to kind of help repaint the image of what Haiti has,” says Capponi.

Content taken from: http://caribjournal.com/2011/06/17/a-miami-nightclub-promoter-has-big-ideas-for-haiti/

Michael Capponi is truly doing God’s work. Haiti is a good Christian nation, and they deserve every bit of help they can get. The earthquake was a true tragedy. I prayed for them every night when it was going on, and people like Michael are truly God’s answer to their nation. The people must have left a true mark on his spirit, if he decided to come back and help them even more. Nobody thinks twice about helping a person on the street these days, but if he goes back not once, or even twice, but dedicates a significant part of his wealth and time to helping these people and rebuilding their nation, then he is truly a good man! I want to meet him one day, I might even try to help him. Even if it’s just a little bit of cash, it couldn’t hurt. God Bless you, Michael Capponi.